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During our Road Trip through the SouthEast US in December, we spent three days in Everglades National Park in Florida. This Paddle Tour through Mangrove Tunnels was our Christmas Gift to each other! 🙂

Definitely one of the best things to do here in winter, if you love and enjoy nature!

Thank our guides – Justin and Logan – we could experience so much during our 3 h kayak trip. Birds! Have never seen so much different birds in one place. Alligator. Crabs. Fish. Beautiful mangroves.

See us trying to maneuver between them… Haha!))

We could even see manatees. Partly. But still! (look for a big splash!)

The end of the tour was pretty funny too!

So enjoy the watching!🖤
And thank you for every lovely Thumbs Up!🖤

00:00:00 – Way to the Starting Point
00:02:35 – Safety Rules and HOW-TOs
00:09:33 – Launching
00:10:20 – Let’s go! Paddling through Sawgrass
00:12:38 – Spoonbill is the only one in the world bird who is born pink!
00:16:15 – Sunbathing Alligator
00:20:10 – Red Mangroves
00:20:55 – Camera dropped into water
00:21:01 – Camera rescued 🙂
00:23:11 – Mangrove Tunnel (Easy one)
00:24:20 – Short Break + Death Roll Stories
00:28:20 – Mangrove Tunnel (Real one!)
00:36:00 – Waiting for Manatees
00:38:20 – Manatee Splush 🙂
00:38:36 – Paddling back to the Port
00:39:23 – Getting Wet!
00:40:37 – Landing
00:42:07 – Happy Faces 🙂

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